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Sony Playstation PSP for Giants

Photo Credit: Scott Beale Spotted in New York City, this giant Sony Playstation PSP mounted on a billboard. This giant PSP was in fact an electronic video screen, faithfully advertising the PSP day after day until… Photo Credit: timmurtaugh  (Flickr) Oh dear me… A system error has occurred. And in public.

Good Old Fashioned Banking Returns to Albuquerque

Photo Credit: cjc4454  (Flickr) This billboard for the Bank of Albuquerque was spotted in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA in April 2009. As pointed out by the photographer… Bank of Albuquerque is doing a complete turn around in banking services… opposite to what most other banks are doing by promoting itself to older clients who prefer to speak to a “live banker” […]

Tonkins Gets Cupid Busy Selling Cars

Photo Credit: philosophygeek (Flickr) This billboard was spotted in Portland, Oregon USA. The billboard belongs to used car dealer, Ron Tonkin Automotive who appears to be very passionate about his cars. Ron has replaced Cupids arrows with ignition keys, which lead to the catch phrase: “The car you love is just a click away“. Unfortunately, website […]

She’s tired of waiting billboard USA

Photo Credit: cwalker71  (Flickr) RobbinsDiamonds had the audacity to put up this billboards for diamond rings and jewellery spotted in Philadelphia USA. This girl definitely has attitude..but that RobbinsDiamonds mascot saying “Yeah!” looks a bit dubious to say the least. Sort of like the nightclub owner image I thought …with the beard…. and what? Is that a […]