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Pepsie Next sweeten’s up with Stevia

Pepsi Next. Bursting with Stevia natural goodness. Spotted today was this Pepsi Next billboard. Though it’s been around for several months, I’ve just managed to get a photo of it. It’s an excellent billboard, with bright colours and graphics, with can bursting forth with Pepsi Cola and a Pepsi logo centered prominently. Taglines of  ‘Sweetened […]

Wrigley’s Eat Drink Chew billboard declares war on sugar bad boys

Sugar bad boys are coming to take your teeth away “What you gonna chew when they come for you?” proclaims the Wrigley’s Extra billboard so ‘Eat Drink Chew’ This incredibly well constructed promotion for Wrigley’s Extra chewing gum is text-book advertising at its greatest. The promotional campaign focuses on the topic of sugar being the ‘bad boy’,  rotting your teeth (the problem). However, […]