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Subway’s Secret Formula: Avocado and Casey Eastham

Apprehended Violence Order (AVO)? No. This is Subway with avocado. The Subway formula strikes again! Take  an existing Subway product,  and then add some avocado into the mix. Next, picture all this next to an up and coming Australian hockey player such as Casey Eastham….annnd… let the promotion begin!  Subway subs with avocado, which genius […]

Subway’s $7 Big Breakfast Billboard

Subway’s billboard joins the battle for breakfast Subway.  If there was ever an analogy between fast food and pop music then Subway is the Jackson Five of fast food. Young, fresh and a healthy alternative, wrapped in outrageous packaging the whole family can enjoy. Don’t stop till you eat enough. Recent promotions of Subway Foot Long sub’s for $7 ‘with the works’  have now […]

Hungry Jack’s Tendergrill Billboard

  Yes, the Subway logo IS bigger than the Hungry Jack’s logo. I noticed this new Hungry Jack’s billboard recently positioned at the Welshpool Trade Centre (Perth). The billboard is great with regards to design, wording and imagery, and even a good location, being highly visable from the road with 1000’s of passing vehicles. However, I […]