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Lipton Sparkling Ice Tea with a twist of subliminal advertsing

Lipton Subliminal Advertising. Can you see it? This new Lipton Ice Tea Sparkling billboard has been spotted recently and it’s certainly got a twist. The top of the board features a very quirky not so subliminal advertising buy it message encouraging you to purchase Lipton tea. Of course its tongue in cheek and just a bit of fun. But is there method in […]

Was that my Ad?

Spotted in Perth Australia. The advertising agency who got the Yellowglen contract is laughing. A picture of a woman and a few bubbles. That’s it. It must be drunk by sophisticated peeple who understand such imagery. However, if you’re still  scratching your head about this sign, it seems to be for Yellowglen sparkling wines..I think. Yellowglen […]