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Hot Babes in Las Vegas…on the back of truck

It’s one of those “only in America” images you get sometimes (uhhh all the time). Mobile billboards in Las Vegas advertising girls. A truck in Las Vegas driving around with a billboard on the back advertising: “Hot Babes..Direct to you!” Oh my god, are the babes in the back of the truck as well. LOL! […]

Scott Cam Gets Gritty

  True grit. Scott Cam. All round Aussie good bloke Scott Cam demonstrates the real Aussie male image. Strong, mature, self employed and part time promotion worker. Scott shows that regular Aussie blokes can succeed in this difficult world with persistence and hard work… all with your pants on. Jamie Durie, who’s laughing now! Go Scotty! yeaah Now, what’s this billboard about […]

Thin Condoms for Oz

Photo Credit:  wiccked  (Flickr) Australian manufacturer of all things rubber Ansell, has recently put up these billboards for Zero Condoms around Australia. This one was spotted in Brisbane, however I’ve seen one in Perth as well. With all the innuendo catchphrases possible for such product, Ansell’s approach is simple,upfront and nothing funny at all. The three words […]