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Another dirty Bisley Workwear billboard

Scott Cam strikes again Bisley Workwear billboard continues its association with celebrity builder Scott Cam (the sexiest builder in Australia by the way). This is basic billboard marketing at its finest…a 3 word catch phrase ‘Stains not included’, a big picture of Scott Cam, website address and logo. Bingo, it works. Why don’t beer advertisers follow this method […]

Scott Cam Gets Gritty

  True grit. Scott Cam. All round Aussie good bloke Scott Cam demonstrates the real Aussie male image. Strong, mature, self employed and part time promotion worker. Scott shows that regular Aussie blokes can succeed in this difficult world with persistence and hard work… all with your pants on. Jamie Durie, who’s laughing now! Go Scotty! yeaah Now, what’s this billboard about […]