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Scoot breaks the billboard cherry in Perth

Was it done using a Microsoft Publisher Template? But how it works so well. Low cost Singaporean airline Scoot is now flying a new route from Perth to Singapore starting December 2013. $169AUD is all it costs to get you out of the wild west Aussie city to civilized Singapore. But it’s a competitive market […]

Sunday Times: The Gods will not be pleased

Christ! You know it aint easy..for old media The Sunday Times has recently been seen posting up these bus stop billboards promoting the property section of its newspaper. This one was seen in Victoria Park (Suburb of Perth), no doubt each billboard is tailored for the particular suburb the billboard is in. Not sure why […]

Alinta gas bags over customer service

  Alinta takes the focus off high gas bills Spin doctors have been summons to alintaenergy after no doubt, mounting complaints by householders over ever increasing gas bills. Not that Alinta is singled out, most of the other utilities have come under heavy criticism also. As usual, spin doctors will used the true and tried tactic of taking the […]

Have you ever had a dry dream?

  This billboard was recently spotted in Perth, Western Australia for Carlton Dry beer. Whilst the billboard itself seems a little odd with some guy shooting an object with a tank, it’s all of a part of the wider promotion by Carlton that includes several television commercials of guys dreaming up crazy things to do, such as: […]

Cannon safety inspector billboard by Australia

Australian online job site is suggesting they have a such wide range of jobs on their website, even obscure jobs for cannon safety inspectors are advertised at their site. WoooooHoooooo! I’m going to apply for that job! This billboard was spotted on Albany Highway Victoria Park, Perth.