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McDonald’s Very Serious Lamb Taster Billboard

Mary had a little Lamb…then McDonald’s cooked it McDonald’s Australia has launched its new range of ‘Lamburgers’. For a limited time (till November) Maccas is offering two variations of lamb based burgers: The  Serious Lamb Taster wrap and the Serious Lamb Burger. The Serious Lamb Taster Wrap is pictured in the above billboard, which costs $3 […]

Poor Joseph. God was a hard act to follow.

Photo Credit: Waltzzz Spotted in Auckland, New Zealand. Here’s something you wouldn’t expect to see from a church. But st matthew-in-the-city Anglican church is really pushing the envelope with this controversial Christmas billboard. But goto St Matthew’s website (see below)and you’ll find out why. St Matthew’s is a progressive Christian church and is somewhat liberal in their […]

I No bored Wellington Please

Photo Credit: dubh Spotted in Wellington New Zealand. Zap Pest and Hygiene Services have put up this clever billboard. Every several days new holes are drilled into the sign giving the impression borers are hard at work by eating the sign. This will continue until eventually there is virtually nothing left of the sign. I wish we […]

Starving for McDonald’s, Wellington New Zealand

Portraying the image of a good corporate citizen, this is an example of McDonald’s New Zealand bus stop advertisements “Hunger never sleeps”. A few of these were defaced with hunger crossed out and replaced with Money Never Sleeps. Photo Credit: Mr Fixit(Flickr)