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Vodafone 4G billboard displays strong signal

Brilliant design & artwork. Electron microscope needed to read fine print. Vodafone is promoting its new 4G mobile service , I recently saw this particular Vodafone 4G billboard. Overall this is quite a good billboard and I reckon it will give good results to the promotion of Vodafone’s 4G service. The good points: Excellent use […]

Optus 4G Brace Yourself for Funny Faces

Warning: Optus 4G may cause facial distortion. With release of Optus 4G network services in selected parts of Australia, Optus has set about advertising their new service in a typical Optus style. Optus has traditionally used animals in its adverts (elephants, rhinos, giraffes etc) …and often adverts have been somewhat art house and surreal in style with a touch of humour. But recently, Optus […]