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Hahn SuperDry: Cold Beer, Hot Marketing

Ongoing research at the Hahn Beer Labs Hahn is reinventing beer, which is quite a challenge in itself. And at the forefront of these bold reinventions is the Hahn SuperDry Beer laboratories, which is doing stuff to beer, which have never been done before and will surely change the face of beer as we know […]

James Squire Four Wives Beer Billboard

Ladies, if you were married to this man, perhaps the drink should be named For Wives. At first glance I thought this was man was a Tasmanian, but no, he is in fact a representation of James Squire, Australia’s first commercial brewer of beer. A strange name for a beer, but Four Wives beer is just one in the selection of James […]

Masters Iced Coffee Funmistakable

Masters Iced Coffee…Thankgod Masters Iced coffee brand has been around for years in Western Australia…and is still going strong. Looks like they have tweaked the formula slightly, making it lower in fat and no added sugar. Hence the wording ‘Same funmistakable taste’ and ‘New!’  Makes me wonder when they use this line, as this is what Coca […]