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Hot Babes in Las Vegas…on the back of truck

It’s one of those “only in America” images you get sometimes (uhhh all the time). Mobile billboards in Las Vegas advertising girls. A truck in Las Vegas driving around with a billboard on the back advertising: “Hot Babes..Direct to you!” Oh my god, are the babes in the back of the truck as well. LOL! […]

Viva Las Vegetarian!

Pro vegetarian group Vegas Veg*, put up these billboards in Las Vegas. Photo by R. Schmidt who also adds a great quote: “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.” Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney This is a great billboard. A simple but powerful message asking: “Why love one but eat the other?”. The billboard was […]

Tao Nightclub Las Vegas

Photo Credit: daniel_gies   If you’ve grown tired of gambling in Las Vegas (oh my god!) then the TAO nightclub is the place to be. Just nip in (or Nippon) for a quick prayer. TAO Nightclub Las Vegas REVIEW.