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Nurofen Zavance: Advertising headaches can be a challenge

Nurofen Zavance… The grey is a little over whelming. This Nurofen Zavance billboard was recently spotted in a headache prone area…and, without doubt, Nurofen will be on the shopping lists of stressed people who find no relief from paracetamol or aspirin based products. To make clear, Nurofen is an ibuprofen based pain relief product, unlike […]

A New Panadol

This new formula Panadol almost makes me wish I had a headache. Panadol new formulation has been released onto the market. It has Opti Zorb!

Splitting Headache for Tylenol Billboard Toronto Canada

Photo Credit: Kempedmonds¬† (flickr) And you think you got a headache…just look at this guy. This backlit Tylenol billboard featured in Toronto’s Dundas Square in 2008 showing a man with a splitting headache. So bad is the pain, it feels like a wrecking ball hitting his head. The wrecking ball and crane is a great […]