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Clear reception for Vodafone billboard

Welcome to the new Vodafone. Vodafone Australia has embarked on a campaign of addressing the issues its had in the past with mobile network coverage. Now that’s all fixed (right?) Vodafone is letting Australia know of the exciting changes ahead. One clever billboard I spotted recently tackles Vodafone’s coverage issue head on in an amusing […]

Optus 4G Brace Yourself for Funny Faces

Warning: Optus 4G may cause facial distortion. With release of Optus 4G network services in selected parts of Australia, Optus has set about advertising their new service in a typical Optus style. Optus has traditionally used animals in its adverts (elephants, rhinos, giraffes etc) …and often adverts have been somewhat art house and surreal in style with a touch of humour. But recently, Optus […]