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Pepsie Next sweeten’s up with Stevia

Pepsi Next. Bursting with Stevia natural goodness. Spotted today was this Pepsi Next billboard. Though it’s been around for several months, I’ve just managed to get a photo of it. It’s an excellent billboard, with bright colours and graphics, with can bursting forth with Pepsi Cola and a Pepsi logo centered prominently. Taglines of  ‘Sweetened […]

Pepsi billboard kicks yawning in the mouth

No more napping for you. Pepsi Max billboard gets kicking. Recently spotted: Pepsi Max Kick billboard promoting Pepsi Max ‘Double Shot’ size can with double the caffeine! Pepsi Max has two times the amount of caffeine when compared to tired ol’ regular and Diet Pepsi and is now touted as the drink to wake you up. Pepsi has boldly promoted the higher […]

Pepsi Hits the Refresh Button

You may have noticed Pepsi has a new look recently. With that, Pepsi Australia has a new summer promotion happening right across Aussie cities along with HitRefresh billboards appearing all over the place. On selected days, Pepsi will place these plastic “buttons” around popular parts of each city waiting to be found. Whoever finds one, wins […]