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Strongbow fruity cider gets sweet with the ladies

Strongbow Fruit Flavours. Like a fruit shop you can drink. Strongbow breaks out with a range of fruity based apple and pear ciders, including kiwifruit, strawberry, mango, passion-fruit, and raspberry. I spotted this Strongbow billboard promotion for the new product range and it works quite well. It conveys the message: New product,  Its pretty good, […]

Apparella Apple Cider

The decadent claims of Apparella Dolce Cider.Will there will be a uproar over this? (hopefully) Just kidding. Apparella Dolce Cider has put up these classy looking shopping centre advertisements claiming it’s made from apples so good who could blame Eve. Boy that’s some claim… So this is how you sell alcohol to women. Compared this […]