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Kit Kat Caramel Duo. Sweet billboard simplicity.

Sweet and simple does it every time. New! Just released is the Kit Kat Caramel Duo billboard. Looks good and uses the typical chocolate bar advertising technique (New! Name, Picture of bar)…which works every time. It’s visually appealing to the eye and best of all,  it’s cerebrally unchallenging. It goes to show simplicity works every time […]

Kit Kat billboard goes crackers

Find red inside? Hmm I don’t like these communist overtones.  Yes, Kit Kat, the chocolate bar invented by the English, and famous for not having a night club named after it, is breaking out with a $10,000 cash give-away promotion… just in case you chocolate bar munching purveyors have forgotten to keep to buying it. If there is […]

Chokito Says NO NO NO!

It that a Chokito advert? NO NO NO…err yes. At last! A chocolate bar that can talk about driving? Nestle’ Australia latest promotion of the iconic chocolate bar Chokito has hit the streets with a somewhat confusing catch phrase of Chokito says NO NO NO. Well, this makes sense once you see the accompanying  TV commercials, of which […]