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Hot Babes in Las Vegas…on the back of truck

It’s one of those “only in America” images you get sometimes (uhhh all the time). Mobile billboards in Las Vegas advertising girls. A truck in Las Vegas driving around with a billboard on the back advertising: “Hot Babes..Direct to you!” Oh my god, are the babes in the back of the truck as well. LOL! […]

Old Fashioned Aphrodisiac…Milk?

Photo Credit: Roadsidepictures   Has your mother ever told you the real reason why you were born? It’s because of milk… and great billboards like this from the 1960’s. Check this billboard from the 1960’s for Oak Farms Milk and 7 Eleven stores. Oh Lordy, sweet mumma.., milk can do that? Perhaps by today’s standards it would […]

Oh My Lord. Atheist Billboards. Bad News for Devil Worshippers

Get back ye devil!! (But only if you believe) Debate still rages on over having the choice of religion or not to have religion at all, especially when children are involved. Those in favour of atheism have taken to using large billboard advertisements to spread the message. Here are samples I’ve found from the United States […]

Southern Comfort gets panties removed fast

  Photo Credit: nitesangel09  (Webshots) A classic billboard from drinks maker Southern Comfort. I guess in the age of equal opportunity it works both ways hehehe.

Welcome back to Zimbabwe billboard

Photo Credit: Sokwenele-Zimbabwe (Flickr) This billboard was spotted near the South Africa Zimbabwe border near Musina (I guess this is on the South African side for obvious reasons). Those Zimbabwe citizens who where returning home were greeted with this sign and reminded to vote for freedom in upcoming elections. Or is it those leaving Zimbabwe were greeted with this […]