Amazing billboards from around the world

Entries Tagged ‘billboard’ puts the heat on eBay

 Quicksales tempts ‘fee challenged’ eBayers to make a change Online classified & auction website, has recently taken to the real world of billboard advertising with a catch phrase of  ‘Sell anything for FREE’  …and it has the big daddy of auction websites, eBay, in its sights. was formerly known as OZtion…and thank god they changed their name to […]

Hungry Jack’s Tendergrill Billboard

  Yes, the Subway logo IS bigger than the Hungry Jack’s logo. I noticed this new Hungry Jack’s billboard recently positioned at the Welshpool Trade Centre (Perth). The billboard is great with regards to design, wording and imagery, and even a good location, being highly visable from the road with 1000’s of passing vehicles. However, I […]

Expose Yourself Outdoors

An interesting proposition…but not in cold weather thank you. When there’s nothing to advertise on a billboard, the only thing left is to advertise the billboard itself, as seen in this above picture. Photo by lutramania

Chameleon loves Nestea

Those pesky Chameleons are at it again. Drinking Nestea from a straw. A recent bus stop advertisement for Nestle Nestea.

Hahn Super Dry For Gentlemen Who Wish to Stay Premium

  Keeping up the spirit of entertaining and funny beer adverts, brewer Lion-Nathan has been busy promoting their Hahn Super Dry beer with a series of funny videos backed up with billboard advertising, one of which reads: “Bluetooth headsets belong in the car – whether it’s your man brand or your beer, stay premium, gentleman” […]

Viva Las Vegetarian!

Pro vegetarian group Vegas Veg*, put up these billboards in Las Vegas. Photo by R. Schmidt who also adds a great quote: “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.” Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney This is a great billboard. A simple but powerful message asking: “Why love one but eat the other?”. The billboard was […]

The Trading Post Goat and Frog Go Online

Nice logo, nice goat, nice frog…but no website address? If you haven’t noticed recently, people are buying and selling stuff online… yes, it’s true I tell you. The Trading Post has wound up its old fashioned printed edition in October 2009 and now only exists as an online format. Keen to promote itself in the real world, The Trading […]

Streets Golden Gaytime Keeps Up Camp Tradition

  Streets ice cream stalwart, Golden Gaytime is receiving plenty of summer promotion with many of these mini bus shelter billboards being… umm erected around the place. The catch phrase of “It’s hard to have a Gaytime on your own!” continues to be used, even though it’s quite old. This ice cream and promotion remains nearly unchanged for many […]

Miss me yet? George W. Bush

Miss me yet? Hell yes, we want ya back George. This incredible billboard was spotted near the Twin Cities MN featuring ex US president George W. Bush with the caption of “Miss me yet?”. The question of who would put up a such a crazy sign apparently seems to be a group of disgruntled small businessmen who […]

Carlton Draught Beer Gets Fresh

 Spotted in Perth, Australia. “Fresher than a hot towel at a Chinese restaurant.” I always thought beer was fresh when coming straight from the tap at the local pub.. but only now has Carlton Draught addressed this unmet need for beer drinkers. Also I’m guessing this billboard aimed at Aussie guys with Chinese/Asian girlfriends. A […]