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Hahn SuperDry: Cold Beer, Hot Marketing

Ongoing research at the Hahn Beer Labs Hahn is reinventing beer, which is quite a challenge in itself. And at the forefront of these bold reinventions is the Hahn SuperDry Beer laboratories, which is doing stuff to beer, which have never been done before and will surely change the face of beer as we know […]

You can get it advertising… Victoria Bitter

Declining market share deserves a large green billboard… Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) continues its ‘apology campaign’ to include outdoor advertising  billboards which were spotted recently. Four simple words ‘Back To Its Best’ and the catch phrase of ‘For a hard earned thirst.’ Will this campaign work? Well,  times and beer drinkers have changed somewhat,  the good […]

James Squire Four Wives Beer Billboard

Ladies, if you were married to this man, perhaps the drink should be named For Wives. At first glance I thought this was man was a Tasmanian, but no, he is in fact a representation of James Squire, Australia’s first commercial brewer of beer. A strange name for a beer, but Four Wives beer is just one in the selection of James […]

Bud Goes for Big Aussie Grab

Will Bogans Grab a Bud? Good ol’ American red-neck beer, Budweiser otherwise known as Bud, is currently being promoted in Australia with a “Grab Some Buds” sign recently spotted. Whilst Budweiser beer might be an institution in United States (and possibly Canada) it’s somewhat of a mystery here in Oz. Yes, we’ve heard the of this stuff, […]

Apparella Apple Cider

The decadent claims of Apparella Dolce Cider.Will there will be a uproar over this? (hopefully) Just kidding. Apparella Dolce Cider has put up these classy looking shopping centre advertisements claiming it’s made from apples so good who could blame Eve. Boy that’s some claim… So this is how you sell alcohol to women. Compared this […]

Hahn Super Dry For Gentlemen Who Wish to Stay Premium

  Keeping up the spirit of entertaining and funny beer adverts, brewer Lion-Nathan has been busy promoting their Hahn Super Dry beer with a series of funny videos backed up with billboard advertising, one of which reads: “Bluetooth headsets belong in the car – whether it’s your man brand or your beer, stay premium, gentleman” […]

Carlton Draught Beer Gets Fresh

 Spotted in Perth, Australia. “Fresher than a hot towel at a Chinese restaurant.” I always thought beer was fresh when coming straight from the tap at the local pub.. but only now has Carlton Draught addressed this unmet need for beer drinkers. Also I’m guessing this billboard aimed at Aussie guys with Chinese/Asian girlfriends. A […]

Have you ever had a dry dream?

  This billboard was recently spotted in Perth, Western Australia for Carlton Dry beer. Whilst the billboard itself seems a little odd with some guy shooting an object with a tank, it’s all of a part of the wider promotion by Carlton that includes several television commercials of guys dreaming up crazy things to do, such as: […]