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Opel is open and hopin’

Mein Gott, es ist so lange her! With Opel’s debut into the Australia market, we have seen plenty of billboards promoting the coming range of Opel cars, in a major build up campaign. Finally, as the above billboard makes clear, Opel is open for business. Good luck to Opel in Australia.

Opel Coming Soon…Soon I said

Germany: We already have cars in Australia. A billboard proclaiming ‘Opel Coming Soon.’ in a grade ‘A’ position, getting tremendous amounts of exposure…but does it work? When ever I see signs like these… ‘coming soon’, I start to get worried. This has to be one of the worst billboards this year. It promises a product that’s not […]

McDonald’s Very Serious Lamb Taster Billboard

Mary had a little Lamb…then McDonald’s cooked it McDonald’s Australia has launched its new range of ‘Lamburgers’. For a limited time (till November) Maccas is offering two variations of lamb based burgers: The  Serious Lamb Taster wrap and the Serious Lamb Burger. The Serious Lamb Taster Wrap is pictured in the above billboard, which costs $3 […] puts the heat on eBay

 Quicksales tempts ‘fee challenged’ eBayers to make a change Online classified & auction website, has recently taken to the real world of billboard advertising with a catch phrase of  ‘Sell anything for FREE’  …and it has the big daddy of auction websites, eBay, in its sights. was formerly known as OZtion…and thank god they changed their name to […]

Bud Goes for Big Aussie Grab

Will Bogans Grab a Bud? Good ol’ American red-neck beer, Budweiser otherwise known as Bud, is currently being promoted in Australia with a “Grab Some Buds” sign recently spotted. Whilst Budweiser beer might be an institution in United States (and possibly Canada) it’s somewhat of a mystery here in Oz. Yes, we’ve heard the of this stuff, […]

NAB Exit Fees and Relationship Woes

NAB gets out bed with other banks…but for how long? Well for years there was the suggestion that major Australian banks were in bed with each other…so I guess they finally acknowledged this, or at least NAB has. Well seems that like any relationship based on sex or money, things have gone sour! Aussie bank giant […]

Aussie Ipad launch

  Australian Ipad’s come complete with a pair legs. If you’re not aware yet, Apple has finally released the Ipad onto the Australian market. Not that it needs anymore publicity,but Apple made sure everyone was aware of the Ipad by a series of bus shelter advertisements, in strategic locations. Which is apparently most suburbs.

Chokito Says NO NO NO!

It that a Chokito advert? NO NO NO…err yes. At last! A chocolate bar that can talk about driving? Nestle’ Australia latest promotion of the iconic chocolate bar Chokito has hit the streets with a somewhat confusing catch phrase of Chokito says NO NO NO. Well, this makes sense once you see the accompanying  TV commercials, of which […]

A New Panadol

This new formula Panadol almost makes me wish I had a headache. Panadol new formulation has been released onto the market. It has Opti Zorb!

Lotterywest Scratch and Match Monopoly

No thanks. I prefer the original board game. Those crazy people at Western Australia’s LotteryWest are at it again. They’ll do anything anything to get people to play scratch and match games. Is nothing sacred? Defiling the great classic game of Monopoly in the name of consumerism. What an outrage. Parker brothers would be turning […]