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5 Seeds Apple Cider. Beards are back.

Beware of unwanted side effects from the 5 Seeds Apple Cider Promoters of 5 Seeds Apple Cider certainly have used some imagination with their latest advert. ‘Not as sweet as you think’ . There is an associated TV commercial which is equally amusing, albeit bordering on weird. I almost think they’ve gone too far, people […]

Strongbow fruity cider gets sweet with the ladies

Strongbow Fruit Flavours. Like a fruit shop you can drink. Strongbow breaks out with a range of fruity based apple and pear ciders, including kiwifruit, strawberry, mango, passion-fruit, and raspberry. I spotted this Strongbow billboard promotion for the new product range and it works quite well. It conveys the message: New product,  Its pretty good, […]

Head Home to Goundrey Country

Where is Goundrey Country? Guangzhou, Shanghai or possibly near Brokeback Mountain. The latest billboard for Western Australian winemaker, Goundrey Wines has a striking resemblance to that of Marlboro Man cigarette advertisements first created by Leo Burnett in the 1950’s. One of the most successful advertising ever devised, it featured rugged cowboy imagery and the slogan of “Come to Marlboro Country“. The […]

Apparella Apple Cider

The decadent claims of Apparella Dolce Cider.Will there will be a uproar over this? (hopefully) Just kidding. Apparella Dolce Cider has put up these classy looking shopping centre advertisements claiming it’s made from apples so good who could blame Eve. Boy that’s some claim… So this is how you sell alcohol to women. Compared this […]

Was that my Ad?

Spotted in Perth Australia. The advertising agency who got the Yellowglen contract is laughing. A picture of a woman and a few bubbles. That’s it. It must be drunk by sophisticated peeple who understand such imagery. However, if you’re still  scratching your head about this sign, it seems to be for Yellowglen sparkling wines..I think. Yellowglen […]

Southern Comfort gets panties removed fast

  Photo Credit: nitesangel09  (Webshots) A classic billboard from drinks maker Southern Comfort. I guess in the age of equal opportunity it works both ways hehehe.

Moscow’s Giant Martini Billboard

Photo Credit: Captain Chaos (Flickr) Martini really gets the message across to hard drinking Russians with an enormous billboard erected in Moscow. Compare the size of the cars at the base of the sign to get a feel of how large this sign is. Incredibly, behind the sign is a building to which the sign is attached, covering most […]