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Commonwealth Bank Opens the Can

A campaign based on a simple 3 letter word. Will this work for Commonwealth Bank? I love bank advertisements. $ome of them are the most creative in the industry. The Commonwealth Bank has recently launched its new ‘Can’ campaign with much fanfare and has included a prelude of ‘Can’t’ advertisements then changing it to a ‘Can’. […]

Chokito Says NO NO NO!

It that a Chokito advert? NO NO NO…err yes. At last! A chocolate bar that can talk about driving? Nestle’ Australia latest promotion of the iconic chocolate bar Chokito has hit the streets with a somewhat confusing catch phrase of Chokito says NO NO NO. Well, this makes sense once you see the accompanying  TV commercials, of which […]

Twist and Go Berocca

Berocca’s Twist and Go bottle. Will it catch on or not? Berocca has been trying hard to innovate it’s vitamin supplement tablets with this “Twist N Go” drink bottle. Turning the lid releases the tablet into the water below which then can be consumed. Presumably this means the drink can be consumed during the day rather than the […]

A New Panadol

This new formula Panadol almost makes me wish I had a headache. Panadol new formulation has been released onto the market. It has Opti Zorb!

Chameleon loves Nestea

Those pesky Chameleons are at it again. Drinking Nestea from a straw. A recent bus stop advertisement for Nestle Nestea.

Irn Bru billboard Glasgow

This is one of Scottish soft drink maker Irn-Bru’s controversial billboards that recieved many complaints. This is the infamous 4 and half inches billboard in Glasgow. Irn-Bru had several other adverts that were either risqué or double entendre. Read more about it here. From Glasgow, Scotland. Photo Credit: og2t // ou gee tew tee (Flickr)