Send your pics to

Photo Credit: Marshall Astor (Flickr)

I’ve got a great photo of a billboard, can I send it to

Yes.  Email it to

What are the requirements for sending in the photo?

The photo must be of a real billboard and visible to members of the public. The photo must be your original work or at least have permission from the photographer to be published. We don’t want to infringe on any copyright you know. Please don’t send digitally modified photos either. Photo should be at least 400 pixels wide or larger.

What other information should I send with the photo?

  • Location: Country, city and suburb of the billboard.
  • Information about what makes the billboard interesting or trivia about the company or product. If the billboard is non English language then a brief translation would be appreciated.

Will I get some acknowledgement for my photo?

Yes, of course… and if you have website then I’ll send a you a link.