Amazing billboards from around the world

4 reasons Glaceau Vitaminwater does it right

Glaceau Vitaminwater billboardWell planned, designed and placed.

Glaceau vitamin water has a new billboard. I like it and is a fine example of how a well designed billboard can be made.

Here are 4 reasons why I think it’s great:

1. It’s creative:

  • The bright red neon style text looks interesting and is something different. People will look at this billboard just out of curiosity.

2. It’s legible:

  • Text size is readable and large enough to catch the eye of pedestrians and in addition, to passing motorists. (3 second rule pass)

3. Economic tagline:

  • “Now with 10+  vitamins & minerals”. Six words explains everything you need to know about this product. It’s economic word use makes it a powerful tagline.

4. Image of product:

  • Images of product demonstrate the range of flavours available. Again, this is information that can be absorbed quickly.

Anything I missed here? Please let me know.

Pepsie Next sweeten’s up with Stevia

Pepsi Next naturally sweetened with Stevia billboardPepsi Next. Bursting with Stevia natural goodness.

Spotted today was this Pepsi Next billboard. Though it’s been around for several months, I’ve just managed to get a photo of it.

It’s an excellent billboard, with bright colours and graphics, with can bursting forth with Pepsi Cola and a Pepsi logo centered prominently. Taglines of  ‘Sweetened Naturally’ and ‘30% LESS Sugar’… and at the bottom right is mention of the magic ingredient, Stevia.

What is Stevia?

Stevia is a natural sugar derived from the Stevia plant which is native to tropical parts of South America. It’s use as a sweetener and sugar substitute has been around for many years, but it’s just recently that it’s being used to sweeten soft drinks such as Pepsi Next.

If you’re concerned about consuming artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame, Acesulfame potassium and Saccharin, then Stevia might be what you’re looking for.

United Community advertising turns out nicely indeed

United Community Credit Union billboardThe billboard turned out nicely also. Very nice indeed.

Spotted recently was this billboard for United Community Credit Union.

The large words proclaiming ‘Well, that turned out very nicely‘ is a great eye catcher and passes the three second rule with ease. Certainly shows how an effective billboard can be made using words alone.

With it being open season on bank bashing (season never closes actually), United Community needs to keep up the advertising momentum to truly make an impact…unfortunately I haven’t seen many more billboards for United Community recently.

United Community credit union is a division of Community CPS Australia.

McDonald’s Monopoly: Eat and Win

McDonald's Monopoly Millionaire billboardMcDonald’s Monopoly: Eat & Grow Rich

The McDonald’s promotional steam roller keeps rolling along. Monopoly Millionaire is the latest promo happening at McDonald’s and is sure to keep cash registers ringing with eager customers wanting to eat and play.

I’ve seen two versions of the Maccas Monopoly billboard so far, both pass the ‘3 second rule’ and look legible from a passing motorist’s perspective. Nice work designers!

With recent McDonald’s promotion blitzkrieg, such as the McFlurry, and McFloat a success, this will sure to keep the promotional momentum moving along well.

So, how does this game work?

It’s easy. Order, Eat, Peel and Win. But check McDonald’s Monopoly website for a more detailed explanation.

Are there any legal, ethical or moral issues here, you know, gambling?

No of course not. This is why large multinational companies have lawyers to look after such matters and everything is sweet.

Strongbow fruity cider gets sweet with the ladies

strongbowStrongbow Fruit Flavours. Like a fruit shop you can drink.

Strongbow breaks out with a range of fruity based apple and pear ciders, including kiwifruit, strawberry, mango, passion-fruit, and raspberry.

I spotted this Strongbow billboard promotion for the new product range and it works quite well. It conveys the message: New product,  Its pretty good, What the hell are you waiting for..try it!

Great imagery and layout in this billboard and certainly looks appealing. The tag line is also quite good ‘NEW Summer Fruit Flavours’. Yes.. emphasis on NEW.

I note the smaller message in lower left corner:  ‘For people over the age of 18 only’…yes it’s alcohol, just in case someone gets the wrong idea.

You can bet your bottom dollar (in your purse) that the target market is young women.


The Notorious Vodka Cruiser

Vodka Cruiser Pure Pineapple billboardHopefully no complaints this yeahaa!

Vodka Cruiser, the bad boy of alcopop drinks…I’ve spotted one of their billboards for the Pure Pineapple variety recently. I must say these bright colours and catchy taglines are quite effective. It’s a good billboard and it will sell the product well.

So why is Vodka Cruiser notorious?

Read here. There were some complaints made concerning Vodka Cruiser’s Facebook page it seems. But I tend to think of this as free advertising (Remember the old saying, any advertising is good advertising).


Libra’s Tapered Design: Too Long, Too Small.

Libra tapered design billboardLibra billboard: A little too discreet perhaps?

The Libra Tapered Design billboard looks to be a study in how *NOT* to write a billboard.

What’s wrong with this design?

  1. The main text is too long and has too many words. I count 11 words and that’s too many. Remember, you have 3 seconds to get the message across to potential customers and even less from passing motorists at only 1 second or less. It’s just not possible to absorb this information in such a short time frame.
  2. The typeface or font is too small making it hard to read. Bingo, you’ve lost thousands of board views from passing traffic.
  3. The extra graphics at the bottom and the “Live Libra, Love Libra” are not distinctive enough and are also too small.
  4. The background colour (pale blue) is very bland.

I understand this billboard would be more effective in a high pedestrian area, but why is it then located in a low pedestrian area?

Hello Beer, Hello Weird

Hello Beer Carlton Dry beer billboard…and this is supposed to help sell beer?

A recently spotted billboard for Carlton Dry beer which features the very weird ‘toast jacket’ with a catchphrase of Hello Beer. What can I say, but it’s just plain bizarre. Even for young guys doing the high jinx, this is way off the radar.

Furthermore, if I was a young guy, I wouldn’t be too happy about some F **king beer company execs telling me how to have fun. No way! Fun suggestion not needed from rich grey haired old men thanks.

Perhaps focus groups do lie?

Another dirty Bisley Workwear billboard

Bisley workwear billboardScott Cam strikes again

Bisley Workwear billboard continues its association with celebrity builder Scott Cam (the sexiest builder in Australia by the way).

This is basic billboard marketing at its finest…a 3 word catch phrase ‘Stains not included’, a big picture of Scott Cam, website address and logo. Bingo, it works. Why don’t beer advertisers follow this method more often? (Grab some Buds)

This particular billboard looks a little worse for wear, I’m not sure if this was part of the effect. Perhaps it was the same apprentice who installed the McDonald’s billboard.


Perth’s biggest billboard takes the Crown

Crown Casino Perth billboardThe huge Crown Perth billboard has arrived

Perth’s biggest billboard has been erected announcing ‘Crown Perth has arrived‘. It’s currently stuck on the side of a building in Adelaide Terrace and it’s a monster!

I’m estimating the size of this billboard is 35 metres wide by 40 metres high.

Strictly speaking, the fanfare is about a change of name from the Burswood Island Resort to Crown Perth, but it’s being treated as reopening and something new.

I’m thinking, to get permission to erect such a billboard of this magnitude in Perth it must have taken some serious lobbying of the various state and local governments. But of course a simple reminder of how much revenue is brought into state government coffers from the various taxes, licensing fees, employment, tourism etc etc by the operations of Crown Perth and permission will be granted quicker than you can say state election.  But somehow, I don’t think we’ll see a Kit Kat billboard in this position for a while.

Is it really that big?

By world standards, not really. Bigger billboards are regularly seen in many Asian cities such as Bangkok, advertising everything from cars to instant noodles.