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Poor Joseph. God was a hard act to follow.

Photo Credit: Waltzzz Spotted in Auckland, New Zealand. Here’s something you wouldn’t expect to see from a church. But st matthew-in-the-city Anglican church is really pushing the envelope with this controversial Christmas billboard. But goto St Matthew’s website (see below)and you’ll find out why. St Matthew’s is a progressive Christian church and is somewhat liberal in their […]

Devil Gets Done Over At Local Church

Photo Credit: mtsofan  (Flickr) I’m not sure if this is an advertisement or a warning sign. The Pocono Community Church( Tobyhanna, PA) seems to have done what no other church can do and swindle Satan. Details are a little sketchy, perhaps it was some sort of numbers game that the devil lost out on. Bingo. God help mere mortals who step […]

Oh My Lord. Atheist Billboards. Bad News for Devil Worshippers

Get back ye devil!! (But only if you believe) Debate still rages on over having the choice of religion or not to have religion at all, especially when children are involved. Those in favour of atheism have taken to using large billboard advertisements to spread the message. Here are samples I’ve found from the United States […]