Amazing billboards from around the world

Entries for the ‘internet’ Category puts the heat on eBay

 Quicksales tempts ‘fee challenged’ eBayers to make a change Online classified & auction website, has recently taken to the real world of billboard advertising with a catch phrase of  ‘Sell anything for FREE’  …and it has the big daddy of auction websites, eBay, in its sights. was formerly known as OZtion…and thank god they changed their name to […]

The Trading Post Goat and Frog Go Online

Nice logo, nice goat, nice frog…but no website address? If you haven’t noticed recently, people are buying and selling stuff online… yes, it’s true I tell you. The Trading Post has wound up its old fashioned printed edition in October 2009 and now only exists as an online format. Keen to promote itself in the real world, The Trading […]

Google Chrome Billboard

Photo Credit: ell brown Spotted in Birmingham, UK. Google has recently put up these billboards promoting the Google Chrome web browser. What’s going on here? Doesn’t Chrome get enough publicity on the Google main search page.