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Splitting Headache for Tylenol Billboard Toronto Canada

Photo Credit: Kempedmonds  (flickr) And you think you got a headache…just look at this guy. This backlit Tylenol billboard featured in Toronto’s Dundas Square in 2008 showing a man with a splitting headache. So bad is the pain, it feels like a wrecking ball hitting his head. The wrecking ball and crane is a great […]

Cold and flu medicine billboard from Taiwan

Photo Credit: Alaina B. (Flickr) This 3d style cold and flu medicine billboard looks incredibly realistic when viewed from the right angle. The mask being sneezed off almost appears to be some photographic trickery… but no…  When viewed from another angle, you can see how the mask is attached to the adjoining building with the effect being created […]

Mysore Sandal Soap billboard Bangalore India

Photo Credit: maximolly (Flickr) From Bangalore India, this billboard advertisement is for Mysore Sandal Soap. Check out this guy’s hair..what’s happen to it? Was the soap responsible for that?