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Specsavers billboard lacks outdoor vision

SpecSavers:  Not focused on outdoor advertising? Specsavers Optometrists recent promotional campaign has all the usual bells and whistles and with it includes billboard advertising. This large building top mounted billboard caught my not so lazy eye and being a billboard for spectacles, one would imagine it to be optimized for people with poor eye sight. […]

Pain Persists with Panadol Rapid billboard

Panadol Rapid billboard fails on 5 key points This is a recent billboard for Panadol Rapid… and it has some massive problems. This advert may work well as a banner ad on the Internet,  or as a advert in a magazine, but it fails badly as outdoor advertising. Problem 1: From a distance, I see […]

Libra’s Tapered Design: Too Long, Too Small.

Libra billboard: A little too discreet perhaps? The Libra Tapered Design billboard looks to be a study in how *NOT* to write a billboard. What’s wrong with this design? The main text is too long and has too many words. I count 11 words and that’s too many. Remember, you have 3 seconds to get […]

Nurofen Zavance: Advertising headaches can be a challenge

Nurofen Zavance… The grey is a little over whelming. This Nurofen Zavance billboard was recently spotted in a headache prone area…and, without doubt, Nurofen will be on the shopping lists of stressed people who find no relief from paracetamol or aspirin based products. To make clear, Nurofen is an ibuprofen based pain relief product, unlike […]

Nicabate Craves Advertising

Nicabate Minis: It’s a Lozenge. From a distance, this Nicabate Minis billboard almost has Cadbury’s confectionary style to it, in particular the colouring and ribbon effect. But then again I should get my eyes checked. What are Nicabate Mini’s? Nicabate has long been famous for its quit smoking patches which release nicotine slowly into body to reduce the […]

Controversial AMI billboard has re-erection

Want longer lasting billboards? AMI has re-erection Well, look who’s back. From the same company that gave you such great billboards as Want Longer Lasting Sex, Sex for Life and Bonk Longer, the Advanced Medical Institute (AMI) has re-erected new billboards in the same yellow and red style. Toned down a little now, the main words are […]

Twist and Go Berocca

Berocca’s Twist and Go bottle. Will it catch on or not? Berocca has been trying hard to innovate it’s vitamin supplement tablets with this “Twist N Go” drink bottle. Turning the lid releases the tablet into the water below which then can be consumed. Presumably this means the drink can be consumed during the day rather than the […]

A New Panadol

This new formula Panadol almost makes me wish I had a headache. Panadol new formulation has been released onto the market. It has Opti Zorb!

For Fox Sake!

Join what and why? What is this all about? You may have seen these billboards and shopping centre signs about the place recently and just wonder what it’s all about. Well, it’s not exactly a cable TV network if you think that, but look carefully and see the “Fernwood” logo. Fernwood is in fact a […]

Thin Condoms for Oz

Photo Credit:  wiccked  (Flickr) Australian manufacturer of all things rubber Ansell, has recently put up these billboards for Zero Condoms around Australia. This one was spotted in Brisbane, however I’ve seen one in Perth as well. With all the innuendo catchphrases possible for such product, Ansell’s approach is simple,upfront and nothing funny at all. The three words […]