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Hungry Jack’s Mini. The New Big.

Hungry Jack’s new Mini. Billboardspotter exclusive investigation Everyone loves a good mystery, and Hungry Jack’s have created big small one with their recent billboard: ‘Mini. The New Big’. After much research (At the local Hungry Jack’s dealer network), I’ve uncovered the facts about this strange new burger. READ ON! Exclusive Investigation by Billboardspotter: 1. Find. First […]

McDonalds 50 cent Raisin Toast with Coffee

Loose change menu continues. McToast with your coffee? McDonalds continues it ‘Loose Change Menu’ theme at the McCafe…coffee, and for an extra 50 cents, you can get yourself a slice of raisin toast. The billboard unfortunately doesn’t state the price of coffee, you’ll find that out when in McDonalds. Nice photography of toast and coffee and interesting […]

McDonalds Loose Change Menu Billboard

Loose Change or Lose Change? McDonald’s latest promotion is the ‘Loose Change Menu’. I hate to be critical of this campaign, but just like the McDonald’s Olympic Opening promo, it lacks imagination, treats its potential customers as idiots and does nothing to stem the flow of people to McDonald’s competitors. You have to ask yourself… will one […]

McDonald’s Olympic billboard fails to qualify

Deserves a punch in the kisser An upset in the fast food Olympics, with McDonalds releasing a very lame oh lame billboard. Hard to believe with the marketing resources of such a large company, they would come up with such a bland and unimaginative advertising strategy. Not only is the billboard bland, checking out the McDonalds website […]

Hungry Jack’s Tendergrill Billboard

  Yes, the Subway logo IS bigger than the Hungry Jack’s logo. I noticed this new Hungry Jack’s billboard recently positioned at the Welshpool Trade Centre (Perth). The billboard is great with regards to design, wording and imagery, and even a good location, being highly visable from the road with 1000’s of passing vehicles. However, I […]

Mac All Night

Hungry for a Big Mac at 5am in the morning? Want to grab a burger on the way home from a late night out? Well forget it. Read the fine print. It says only at participating drive thru stores only.

Jollibee spice burgers billboard Philippines

Photo Credit: robtrent  (Flickr) This Jollibee billboard was spotted in Carmen (North of Manila), the Philippines. Jollibee is a Philippines based fast food chain of stores serving western style fast food, but also has a variety of Filipino food as well. Incredibly, this local fast food company is taking on the fast food giants and continues to expand […]

Starving for McDonald’s, Wellington New Zealand

Portraying the image of a good corporate citizen, this is an example of McDonald’s New Zealand bus stop advertisements “Hunger never sleeps”. A few of these were defaced with hunger crossed out and replaced with Money Never Sleeps. Photo Credit: Mr Fixit(Flickr)

Mcdonald’s billboard Yass New South Wales Australia

Oh dear, perhaps someone at Mcdonald’s should have thought about the layout a little more on this billboard near Yass, New South Wales, Australia. Photo credit: original MikZ(flickr) Does that say MY ASS will be open at 6am?