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McDonald’s USA Waffle Cone Hits the Sweet Spot

McDonald’s billboard. I’m Lovin’ it. But potential USA backlash? More sweet billboards from McDonald’s. The latest is the USA Waffle Cone and has very similar styling to the recent “Sneaky Pash – Passion Fruit McFloat” billboard. The USA Cone billboard passes all criteria of being an example of excellent outdoor advertising…because: The close up of the ice cream cone, along […]

McDonald’s Monopoly: Eat and Win

McDonald’s Monopoly: Eat & Grow Rich The McDonald’s promotional steam roller keeps rolling along. Monopoly Millionaire is the latest promo happening at McDonald’s and is sure to keep cash registers ringing with eager customers wanting to eat and play. I’ve seen two versions of the Maccas Monopoly billboard so far, both pass the ‘3 second […]

Macca’s Passion fruit McFloat gets kiss of approval

Mutliple pashing of the customer is McDonald’s tactic. What is a Passion Fruit McFloat? McDonald’s (note: they like to be called Macca’s now) continues with its ‘New Aussie Range’…and included is the Passionfruit McFloat, which is essentially frozen Fanta with added passion fruit. Sounds appealing. These bus stop adverts are appearing everywhere and I have a strong feeling Macca’s (formerly […]

Subway’s Secret Formula: Avocado and Casey Eastham

Apprehended Violence Order (AVO)? No. This is Subway with avocado. The Subway formula strikes again! Take  an existing Subway product,  and then add some avocado into the mix. Next, picture all this next to an up and coming Australian hockey player such as Casey Eastham….annnd… let the promotion begin!  Subway subs with avocado, which genius […]

McDonald’s Pavlova McFlurry in Three Seconds

Hurry. Consume this Pavlova McFlurry in three seconds. The marketing people at Mcdonald’s or those hired to do the marketing know that to focus advertising on a new product, no matter how small it is, makes for good for business. Smash a Pav today. The Pavlova McFlurry billboard is a great example of this. Brightly coloured with easy […]

McDonald’s get McFlurried away with Maltesers

Nice presentation. What the McFlurry is this? McDonald’s dessert menu now features the *new* McFlurry with Maltesers…and it’s a brilliant piece of marketing by McDonald’s. Take an old and existing product, add some new features, at minimal cost, and then advertise it like crazy. WhaM! you have new product which gets people talking and keeps McDonald’s brand name in the consumers […]

Hungry Jack’s Chicken Little Billboard

Fine print states guaranteed NOT to make your butt explode! Last month we saw Hungry Jack’s introduce a new range of mini twin bun style burgers with several variations of cheese burger. And now the theme continues with Chicken ‘Mini’s’. That is, the twin style bun again but with a chicken patty inside. These are similar to the original, larger and regular burger on offer. From what […]

McDonald’s Very Serious Lamb Taster Billboard

Mary had a little Lamb…then McDonald’s cooked it McDonald’s Australia has launched its new range of ‘Lamburgers’. For a limited time (till November) Maccas is offering two variations of lamb based burgers: The  Serious Lamb Taster wrap and the Serious Lamb Burger. The Serious Lamb Taster Wrap is pictured in the above billboard, which costs $3 […]

Subway’s $7 Big Breakfast Billboard

Subway’s billboard joins the battle for breakfast Subway.  If there was ever an analogy between fast food and pop music then Subway is the Jackson Five of fast food. Young, fresh and a healthy alternative, wrapped in outrageous packaging the whole family can enjoy. Don’t stop till you eat enough. Recent promotions of Subway Foot Long sub’s for $7 ‘with the works’  have now […]

McDonald’s Free Coca Cola Glasses Billboard

McDonald’s Coca Cola glasses…collectable one day perhaps? Recently spotted was this billboard promoting McDonald’s free Coca Cola glass give-away when purchasing an Extra Value Meal. There are six different colours of glasses each embossed with the Coca Cola logo and London 2012. Often Olympic memorabilia has become sought after by collectors, just check eBay….oops I mean Quicksales, for examples of past Olympic games items, some […]