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Perth’s biggest billboard takes the Crown

The huge Crown Perth billboard has arrived Perth’s biggest billboard has been erected announcing ‘Crown Perth has arrived‘. It’s currently stuck on the side of a building in Adelaide Terrace and it’s a monster! I’m estimating the size of this billboard is 35 metres wide by 40 metres high. Strictly speaking, the fanfare is about […]

Lotterywest Scratch and Match Monopoly

No thanks. I prefer the original board game. Those crazy people at Western Australia’s LotteryWest are at it again. They’ll do anything anything to get people to play scratch and match games. Is nothing sacred? Defiling the great classic game of Monopoly in the name of consumerism. What an outrage. Parker brothers would be turning […]

Hot Babes in Las Vegas…on the back of truck

It’s one of those “only in America” images you get sometimes (uhhh all the time). Mobile billboards in Las Vegas advertising girls. A truck in Las Vegas driving around with a billboard on the back advertising: “Hot Babes..Direct to you!” Oh my god, are the babes in the back of the truck as well. LOL! […]

Tao Nightclub Las Vegas

Photo Credit: daniel_gies ¬† If you’ve grown¬†tired of gambling in Las Vegas (oh my god!) then the TAO nightclub is the place to be. Just nip in (or Nippon) for a quick prayer. TAO Nightclub Las Vegas REVIEW.