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iPad makes for art gallery billboard

iPad billboard. Risky design? Apple is well regarded for its innovative IT and phone products, however recent iPad billboards struggled with effective concepts of outdoor advertising techniques. The most recent billboard has a repositioned and more prominent logo with some new artistic images. Will this work or is it another billboard opportunity lost? Will it work? Given that a billboard on average […]

Samsung Galaxy S4…bad reception.

Browser banner adverting does not cut it in the real world One of Samsung’s recent billboards for the Galaxy S4 mobile phone has almost made it to the completely useless billboards category and shows how website banner advertising techniques can fail when used as outdoor advertising. Design faults in this billboard I find are: All typeface’s are way […]

iPad billboard extinguishes the mind fire

iPad billboard Graphic Designer’s mind is drowning? Have you seen Apple’s recent iPad billboard “Mind watering“? Well it’s OK for a concept but the art director looks like s/he may have been high on MacOS 7.5 at the time and needs a crash course in outdoor advertising theory. The few issues I have with the […]

Aussie Ipad launch

  Australian Ipad’s come complete with a pair legs. If you’re not aware yet, Apple has finally released the Ipad onto the Australian market. Not that it needs anymore publicity,but Apple made sure everyone was aware of the Ipad by a series of bus shelter advertisements, in strategic locations. Which is apparently most suburbs.

Motorola Droid billboard

Photo Credit: Kadath(Flickr) As competition in the smartphone builds up, Motorola’s latest smartphone the Droid, uses the catch phrase “Droid Does” as part of its advertising campaign, no doubt with major competitor the Apple iPhone in mind. Motorola has teamed up with Verizon and Google to produce this Android based smartphone clearly aimed at the […]

Sony Playstation PSP for Giants

Photo Credit: Scott Beale Spotted in New York City, this giant Sony Playstation PSP mounted on a billboard. This giant PSP was in fact an electronic video screen, faithfully advertising the PSP day after day until… Photo Credit: timmurtaugh  (Flickr) Oh dear me… A system error has occurred. And in public.

HP Touchsmart TX2 Notebook billboard Malaysia

Photo Credit: Cecil Lee  (Flickr) This HP notebook billboard was spotted in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia featuring the HP Touchsmart TX2 notebook computer. Notice the words “Alami dunia sentuhan!” which translates from Malay into “Natural world touch”. Interestingly this billboard only features English and Malay languages. Have they forgotten about the other significant ethnic Malaysian races of the Chinese […] billboard for solar cells featuring baby and breast Germany

Photo Credit: poetwarrior2003  (Flickr) Translation: “We provide machines that look after themselves” Is it an advertisement for baby milk supplement? Not in the least! German solar cell manufacturer really pulled out all stops with this large billboard in Frankfurt. Being one of the largest manufacturers of photovoltaic cells in the world, this sort of […]