Amazing billboards from around the world

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Viva Las Vegetarian!

Pro vegetarian group Vegas Veg*, put up these billboards in Las Vegas. Photo by R. Schmidt who also adds a great quote: “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.” Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney This is a great billboard. A simple but powerful message asking: “Why love one but eat the other?”. The billboard was […]

Oops I’m Pregnant

Photo Credit: dno1967 Spotted in Pasco County, Florida. On dear. One day you wake up to find yourself pregnant. Panic stations! But what to do? This large pro life billboard suggests you should sit back, relax and enjoy the ride rather than do something hasty. Or at least phone that number.

Stonewall’s anti-homophobic billboard, Wolverhampton UK

Stonewall is a gay, lesbian and bi-sexual charity in the UK. This billboard is located in Wolverhampton UK. Photo Credit: Pikaluk (Flickr)