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Opel is open and hopin’

Mein Gott, es ist so lange her! With Opel’s debut into the Australia market, we have seen plenty of billboards promoting the coming range of Opel cars, in a major build up campaign. Finally, as the above billboard makes clear, Opel is open for business. Good luck to Opel in Australia.

Opel Coming Soon…Soon I said

Germany: We already have cars in Australia. A billboard proclaiming ‘Opel Coming Soon.’ in a grade ‘A’ position, getting tremendous amounts of exposure…but does it work? When ever I see signs like these… ‘coming soon’, I start to get worried. This has to be one of the worst billboards this year. It promises a product that’s not […]

Shell puts Oomph into advertising

Translator please? Shell Australia is putting some Oomph into outdoor advertising with these large red ‘LoVe more Oomph’ billboards being put up in selected areas. This one is located in a very busy intersection of Perth’s  industrial suburb of Welshpool and is sure to be seen by many thousands of passing motorists per day. I’m guessing research has suggested the demographic […] location, location, location.

No fancy graphics here. Logo and catchphrase does it for Aussie car classified website, is putting the marketing and promotional pedal to the metal with billboards like the one above….and location is the key strategy for this billboard. Situated in Perth’s premier car yard district of Albany Highway Victoria Park, this billboard, squarely targets […]

Police without wheels

It’s a Rover. I don’t think having wheels would make any difference. This 1986 billboard for Uniroyal tyres in the UK used the caption “Where would the police be without our tyres?” Back at the station fitting Goodyears I presume. Photo by 2EOMCA

Top Gear shifts to NINE

 Top Gear has a new home on Channel NINE Australian television viewers may have noticed the new series of  Top Gear has shifted from SBS to Channel NINE. To celebrate this, Channel NINE has erected billboards to remind dedicated viewers to tune in to the right channel. In the former SBS 7:30 time slot now is Mythbusters. What next to […]

Tonkins Gets Cupid Busy Selling Cars

Photo Credit: philosophygeek (Flickr) This billboard was spotted in Portland, Oregon USA. The billboard belongs to used car dealer, Ron Tonkin Automotive who appears to be very passionate about his cars. Ron has replaced Cupids arrows with ignition keys, which lead to the catch phrase: “The car you love is just a click away“. Unfortunately, website […]