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Lipton Sparkling Ice Tea with a twist of subliminal advertsing

Lipton Subliminal Advertising. Can you see it? This new Lipton Ice Tea Sparkling billboard has been spotted recently and it’s certainly got a twist. The top of the board features a very quirky not so subliminal advertising buy it message encouraging you to purchase Lipton tea. Of course its tongue in cheek and just a bit of fun. But is there method in […]

Bulmers Original Cider Pretty Vacant

The marketing lads need to try a little harder than this. A new billboard featuring Bulmers Original Cider. The Bulmers billboard is ok but not great… The product itself can be seen and the words ‘Born British’ are legible albeit a little small. 75% of the board is an atmospheric black & white photo of  three English […]

V Not Orange billboard full of advertising energy

Did the graphic designer stay up all night thinking of this? No! Energy Drink ‘V‘ has released the new Not Orange flavour to complement its range of other ‘V” flavours. The billboard for this product is brilliant. Yet, what seems to be quite a simple concept for a billboard, I think will be highly effective advertising… […]

Gotta Work it Hard to Be a Solo Billboard

Solo: Light on the fizz so you can shower in it! Solo soft drink made and marketed by Schweppes Australia is celebrating 40 years of thirst crushing sales. Older readers may remember the ‘Solo Man‘ adverts from the 1970’s and 80’s who insisted on pouring most of the drink over his face rather than actually […]

5 Seeds Apple Cider. Beards are back.

Beware of unwanted side effects from the 5 Seeds Apple Cider Promoters of 5 Seeds Apple Cider certainly have used some imagination with their latest advert. ‘Not as sweet as you think’ . There is an associated TV commercial which is equally amusing, albeit bordering on weird. I almost think they’ve gone too far, people […]

4 reasons Glaceau Vitaminwater does it right

Well planned, designed and placed. Glaceau vitamin water has a new billboard. I like it and is a fine example of how a well designed billboard can be made. Here are 4 reasons why I think it’s great: 1. It’s creative: The bright red neon style text looks interesting and is something different. People will […]

Pepsie Next sweeten’s up with Stevia

Pepsi Next. Bursting with Stevia natural goodness. Spotted today was this Pepsi Next billboard. Though it’s been around for several months, I’ve just managed to get a photo of it. It’s an excellent billboard, with bright colours and graphics, with can bursting forth with Pepsi Cola and a Pepsi logo centered prominently. Taglines of  ‘Sweetened […]

Strongbow fruity cider gets sweet with the ladies

Strongbow Fruit Flavours. Like a fruit shop you can drink. Strongbow breaks out with a range of fruity based apple and pear ciders, including kiwifruit, strawberry, mango, passion-fruit, and raspberry. I spotted this Strongbow billboard promotion for the new product range and it works quite well. It conveys the message: New product,  Its pretty good, […]

The Notorious Vodka Cruiser

Hopefully no complaints this yeahaa! Vodka Cruiser, the bad boy of alcopop drinks…I’ve spotted one of their billboards for the Pure Pineapple variety recently. I must say these bright colours and catchy taglines are quite effective. It’s a good billboard and it will sell the product well. So why is Vodka Cruiser notorious? Read here. […]

Play it Again Coke

Let the good times roll. The heat certainly is on and Coke is striking back with a major promotional campaign this summer. Coke is getting in early with plenty of advertising such as the billboard above and is no doubt part of an all encompassing strategy. Interestingly, the above billboard almost looks like some classic Coke advertising done […]