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Hahn SuperDry: Cold Beer, Hot Marketing

Ongoing research at the Hahn Beer Labs Hahn is reinventing beer, which is quite a challenge in itself. And at the forefront of these bold reinventions is the Hahn SuperDry Beer laboratories, which is doing stuff to beer, which have never been done before and will surely change the face of beer as we know […]

Hello Beer, Hello Weird

…and this is supposed to help sell beer? A recently spotted billboard for Carlton Dry beer which features the very weird ‘toast jacket’ with a catchphrase of Hello Beer. What can I say, but it’s just plain bizarre. Even for young guys doing the high jinx, this is way off the radar. Furthermore, if I was […]

You can get it advertising… Victoria Bitter

Declining market share deserves a large green billboard… Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) continues its ‘apology campaign’ to include outdoor advertising  billboards which were spotted recently. Four simple words ‘Back To Its Best’ and the catch phrase of ‘For a hard earned thirst.’ Will this campaign work? Well,  times and beer drinkers have changed somewhat,  the good […]