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United Community advertising turns out nicely indeed

The billboard turned out nicely also. Very nice indeed. Spotted recently was this billboard for United Community Credit Union. The large words proclaiming ‘Well, that turned out very nicely‘ is a great eye catcher and passes the three second rule with ease. Certainly shows how an effective billboard can be made using words alone. With […]

Commonwealth Bank Opens the Can

A campaign based on a simple 3 letter word. Will this work for Commonwealth Bank? I love bank advertisements. $ome of them are the most creative in the industry. The Commonwealth Bank has recently launched its new ‘Can’ campaign with much fanfare and has included a prelude of ‘Can’t’ advertisements then changing it to a ‘Can’. […]

NAB Exit Fees and Relationship Woes

NAB gets out bed with other banks…but for how long? Well for years there was the suggestion that major Australian banks were in bed with each other…so I guess they finally acknowledged this, or at least NAB has. Well seems that like any relationship based on sex or money, things have gone sour! Aussie bank giant […]

NAB helps fight unfair banking…uh oh!

Australian bank, NAB ( National Australia Bank) has recently been using these mini billboards with the catch phrase of: “Sign up to fight unfair banking”. Above: The original sign. NAB was asking for trouble when they put this up. Too many negative words.   However, I suspect the sign below is what really comes to […]

ANZ Bank Billboard Gets Done

Spotted in in Perth Australia Aussie bank, ANZ was really asking for trouble with this recent plain looking billboard. Shouldn’t it read like this!!:

Good Old Fashioned Banking Returns to Albuquerque

Photo Credit: cjc4454  (Flickr) This billboard for the Bank of Albuquerque was spotted in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA in April 2009. As pointed out by the photographer… Bank of Albuquerque is doing a complete turn around in banking services… opposite to what most other banks are doing by promoting itself to older clients who prefer to speak to a “live banker” […]