Expedia.com billboardTough times on the internet demand drastic action, a billboard will help.

Spotted in Perth recently, this billboard for Expedia.com.au, the Aussie portal for Expedia.com.

Expedia.com, the online website that helps you find the best deal for hotel and travel bookings is further cementing its domination by using billboard advertising.

There are a few other heavy weights in this category, which I won’t mention. Now look, this is a competitive business when online booking and travel companies need to resort (hehe not a holiday resort) to using old fashioned billboard advertising… well it shows billboards are still a cost effective way of promoting your product, even if it is online.

A quick search of google for expedia.com.au shows it’s number 1 for the terms ‘travel booking’. However using search terms of ‘hotel booking’ brings up booking.com #1, agoda.com.au #2 and expedia.com.au #3. Well, it’s still an acceptable resultĀ for expedia I reckon.