Hungry Jacks Tendergrill BillboardYes, the Subway logo IS bigger than the Hungry Jack’s logo.

I noticed this new Hungry Jack’s billboard recently positioned at the Welshpool Trade Centre (Perth). The billboard is great with regards to design, wording and imagery, and even a good location, being highly visable from the road with 1000’s of passing vehicles. However, I couldn’t help notice the large SubWay sign below it. Subway has  branch right there and the nearest Hungry Jack’s is quite far being South Perth or Cannington.

Though, despite the store location issues, I’s been thinking the location was carefully chosen as part of the marketing strategy, as it targets Subway customers and hopefully the Tendergrill will be perceived or considered as being healthy (hence the wording …nothing naughty about it). Maybe it’s ‘riding on the coat tails’ of the leader marketing? What do you think?