Goundrey wine heads home with a rugged cowboyWhere is Goundrey Country? Guangzhou, Shanghai or possibly near Brokeback Mountain.

The latest billboard for Western Australian winemaker, Goundrey Wines has a striking resemblance to that of Marlboro Man cigarette advertisements first created by Leo Burnett in the 1950’s. One of the most successful advertising ever devised, it featured rugged cowboy imagery and the slogan of “Come to Marlboro Country“. The Goundrey billboard is unmistakable similar.

So why the heck would a Australian wine company use this type of advertising for white wine?

Theory 1: Goundrey used a Chinese advertising agency. China is notorious for copying other peoples products, intellectual property and even business methodology…so why not copy the advertising as well. Could it be that Goudrey is owned by the Chinese and the advertising was done in house? After all, the amount of Australian wine imported into China is only second to French wine.

Theory 2: This is a parody of Marlboro Man… and this guy ain’t so tough, in fact he might be gay! Do real men drink white wine..and the position of his hand and glass looks errr somewhat interesting. And since that movie, Brokeback Mountain (2006), well, the rugged cowboy stereotype can’t legitimately be used any more.

But laugh not, many modern adverts have the gay demographic in their sights, the pink dollar is an important market…could this be one of them? What do you think?