Grab Some Bud sign in Australia

Will Bogans Grab a Bud?

Good ol’ American red-neck beer, Budweiser otherwise known as Bud, is currently being promoted in Australia with a “Grab Some Buds” sign recently spotted.

Whilst Budweiser beer might be an institution in United States (and possibly Canada) it’s somewhat of a mystery here in Oz. Yes, we’ve heard the of this stuff, maybe even tried it when exploring the world of strange and exotic beers. Even more, there were strange references to a beer known as Fud in several episodes of The Simpsons, an alternative to Homer’s favourite beer, Duff. Whilst Homer was visiting a neighbouring county, the local barman said: “We don’t serve Duff here, we serve Fud!” I’m assuming this is parody of Bud.

You know, here in Oz the local Bogans have their own beer and the idea of people switching to an American beer seems unlikely. It’s sort of like replacing AFL with gridiron…if you know what I mean. Doesn’t the brand of beer you drink define your identity? Well, good luck to them…. and Lion Nathan.