Hahn Beer advert

Keeping up the spirit of entertaining and funny beer adverts, brewer Lion-Nathan has been busy promoting their Hahn Super Dry beer with a series of funny videos backed up with billboard advertising, one of which reads:

“Bluetooth headsets belong in the car – whether it’s your man brand or your beer, stay premium, gentleman”

The promotion encourages Hahn beer drinkers to set higher standards in social gatherings and think carefully before acting, rather than on impulse and doing something you may regret. Of course which typical lager louts or yobbos of otherbeers brands do, don’t they. Yep… that’ll work. It’s taking responsible drinking to a whole new level.

 Maybe soon we’ll see the Hahn Super Dry Guide to Life.

Check out the 3 videos on the Hahn website:  Don’t spit the oyster, Steve’s sister, and pool party with jeans.