Trading Post Billboard advertising with goat and frogNice logo, nice goat, nice frog…but no website address?

If you haven’t noticed recently, people are buying and selling stuff online… yes, it’s true I tell you. The Trading Post has wound up its old fashioned printed edition in October 2009 and now only exists as an online format. Keen to promote itself in the real world, The Trading Post has plastered many billboards and bus shelters all over Australia with the funny goat and frog campaign, “bargain” and “reckon” along with a series of corresponding television adverts. One unusual thing about the billboards, is they don’t mention any website address to goto…a bit strange for an online business. Did they forget about this perhaps? Or are they expecting people to “google it”? Well lets hope they are not redirected to EBay Australia when they do (ahh forget I said that). With a large advertising budget at stake, let’s hope the owner of The Trading Post, Telstra subsidiary Sensis, makes good into the online world of buy and sell.

Below: One of The Trading Post television adverts. Perhaps inspired by the classic 1955 Warner Bros Merrie Melodies episode, One Froggy Evening: