Get back ye devil!! (But only if you believe)

Debate still rages on over having the choice of religion or not to have religion at all, especially when children are involved. Those in favour of atheism have taken to using large billboard advertisements to spread the message. Here are samples I’ve found from the United States and United Kingdom. The organisations involved here are:

While your pondering about changing your religion (if you want a religion that is), then check out the Jedi faith:

atheist billboard

Photo Credit: Eric Ingrum  (Flickr)

atheist billboard denver

Photo Credit: eioua  (Flickr)

atheist billboard London

Photo Credit: Krypto  (Flickr)

And my favourite…this was on the opposite side of the road from the last one….

Mcdonalds salivation billboard London

Photo Credit: Krypto  (Flickr)