Seek billboard Job Hunting season Now Open…And so is advertising season.

Aussie job website Seek ( has once again been promoting their website by using traditional billboard advertising. The message is clear…Job Hunting Season Now Open.

Seek is no stranger to using we’ve seen it in the past, with the 3 out of 4 tradies billboard.

Tell them again and again…and again.

An old adage in billboard adverting, advertise well and advertise often. Repeating the message, time after time really hammers home the message. It helps commit the brand to memory in the mind of the consumer thus making a difference when decision time comes around. So, is it Seek.. or the competition you will choose?

Billboard advertising works for websites.

Forget your fancy Search Engine Optimization (SEO) black hat magic tricks, that’s for wankers. Nothing works better than a billboard to drive traffic to your website. Think of it as brute force SEO.

Will this billboard work?

Yes it will and here’s why:

  • Colour: You can’t miss that pink colour. Even the blind can see this. It’s a little garish, like some nightmare cross between Hello Kitty and Barbie. But despite that, you can’t miss it.. which is exactly what is called for.
  • Passes the 3 second rule. Easily read and understood, by both passing motorists and pedestrians.
  • Seek logo is well placed in the lower centre bottom and well sized.
  • Message is both amusing and effective.

Advertising gurus have got their mojo working. Looks like a winner to me.

9 out 10 Stars