iphone5cApple iPhone 5C: Here it is! …well, that’s it.

Apple iPhone advertising has gone berserk and I’ve spotted this recent iPhone 5C billboard. It’s a pretty nice billboard but two things stand out, the phone itself and the lack of words (Steve Jobs would love this minimalist approach). But despite this, it shouts loudly at people on the street and asks them to make up their own mind. I won’t say much either, but will this billboard work?

Yes it will work…here’s why:

  • Bright colour: Pink. It’s not hot pink, but stands out like a light house on a stormy sea of mobile phone marketing. You can’t miss it.
  • Product on show: It’s a new iPhone, here it is, this is what you’re going buy.
  • Apple logo and iPhone 5C words: The Apple logo clearly defines this billboard as an Apple billboard…and the product is an iPhone 5C. Black text is used for this, making it easy to read and can be understood in under three seconds. This is an excellent outdoor advertisement.

In my opinion, this billboard will have a positive effect on sales of the iPhone 5C. I just hope when a customer walks into an iPhone store they won’t be greeted in silence and handed an iPhone 5 to consider…whilst the sales person wanders off.

8 out of 10 Stars.