Scoot billboard. Perth to Singapore for $169Was it done using a Microsoft Publisher Template? But how it works so well.

Low cost Singaporean airline Scoot is now flying a new route from Perth to Singapore starting December 2013. $169AUD is all it costs to get you out of the wild west Aussie city to civilized Singapore. But it’s a competitive market so Scoot needs to do advertising that gets noticed.. and one method being utilized is billboard advertising. It’s a no frills billboard which resembles something that has been whipped up on Microsoft Publisher by the 17yo office girl…so will this template billboard get passengers on board, in the air and out of Perth?

Price is central

The first thing I notice on this billboard is the price. It’s a budget airline, so price is an important factor. $169 in large typeface is positioned in the center of the board where it’s going to be seen. Very good.

Singapore humour

“Don’t arrive in Singa poor“. Well, it’s an awful pun but what the heck, it’s funny.

Three colours

Yellow, black and white. These are great contrasting colours and contribute highly to visibility.

Three second rule pass

The billboard can seen and understood in under three seconds by both passing traffic and pedestrians, and that’s a big plus.


It looks like ready made template out of Microsoft Publisher, but despite this it’s actually a pretty effective billboard for conveying Scoot’s advertising message, thus proving the effectiveness of a simple layout, good choice of colours and appropriate size typeface.


8 out of 10 Stars