Specsavers Optometrists billboardSpecSavers:  Not focused on outdoor advertising?

Specsavers Optometrists recent promotional campaign has all the usual bells and whistles and with it includes billboard advertising. This large building top mounted billboard caught my not so lazy eye and being a billboard for spectacles, one would imagine it to be optimized for people with poor eye sight. Have they deliberately made it hard to see or was this just another short sighted use of print media being used as a billboard? Ok put your glasses on… let’s have closer look.

Is it good?

Well, it’s ok. The words Specsavers Optometrists are quite visible even over a distance. Having the business name seen is worth a few points at least.

But unfortunately…

The billboard graphic looks like it has been lifted directly from a print media advert, which makes it optimized for close up viewing rather than for outdoor advertising.


The catch phrase of No.1 for Eye Tests is a little too small and difficult to read I felt, especially considering the target market may have poor eye sight. In addition, the concept of green shirted people standing to form a pair of glasses is almost lost due to the green background of grass.


Much of the billboard is simply wasted space, showing green grass and rolling hills… are they try to promote a Specsavers golf course?

6 out of 10 Stars