Vodafone more bar surfboards billboardWelcome to the new Vodafone.

Vodafone Australia has embarked on a campaign of addressing the issues its had in the past with mobile network coverage. Now that’s all fixed (right?) Vodafone is letting Australia know of the exciting changes ahead. One clever billboard I spotted recently tackles Vodafone’s coverage issue head on in an amusing way. So what’s the verdict on this billboard?

The billboard shows surfboards lined up to mimic signal strength bars similar to what’s seen on a mobile phone screen. This is pure creative genius and I love to see more billboards with this level of imagination. But not only this, it also makes for a very effective outdoor advertising billboard.

Key points in the billboard design:

  • Vodafone logo prominently dsiplayed at the top
  • The words: Vodafone, now with more bars in more places
  • Coloured background under the text in Vodafone Red
  • The surfboards on beach picture

The billboard is easy read from a distance and can be understood in under three seconds (essential for fast moving traffic). The red colouring and logo immediatley associates the billboard with Vodafone and the surfboards lined up as signal strength bars tops it off. Simply brilliant.

This is an excellent billboard, demonstrating that using  imagination and a basic understanding of outdoor advertising ,a great billboard can be created which will sure to be effective and get the message across from many view points.

9.5 of 10 stars