Apple iPad art gallery billboardiPad billboard. Risky design?

Apple is well regarded for its innovative IT and phone products, however recent iPad billboards struggled with effective concepts of outdoor advertising techniques. The most recent billboard has a repositioned and more prominent logo with some new artistic images. Will this work or is it another billboard opportunity lost?

Will it work?

Given that a billboard on average has three seconds to convey a message to passing pedestrians and traffic, what does this iPad billboard convey then? One redeeming aspect of the iPad billboard is the well positioned Apple logo and words of iPad in the upper right side of the board. The billboard does at least promote product and brand awareness by having these. The artistic pictures look interesting, it appeals to the creative and artistic demographic perhaps…but the images fail to capture the essence, excitement and brilliance of the iPad itself. I really think this space could have been far more effectively used to promote key attributes of the iPad.


However, the design of this iPad billboard is risky. This billboard would be an easy one to miss in fast moving traffic such as those is cars and by pedestrians in high distraction environments. A board of white and few arty pictures doesn’t mean a thing if the Apple logo and iPad words have failed to be seen. The design therefore suits slower moving and low distraction environments to be effective.

Perhaps, the designers of this billboard should have opted for a different approach. Visibility is paramount. Billboards need to be designed for the environment they are working in. The three second rule is high on the list of priorities.

6 out of  10 Stars.